Researcher training

PhD candidates working within Klima 2050 are an important part of the Centre. To keep a strong focus on the progress, interaction and well-being of the PhD candidates, a Klima 2050 Researcher Training Committee is established.


The activity concerning researcher training focus three main areas;

1.       Publication activity,
2.       PhD-gatherings, and
3.       The ambition to include the industry and public partners of the Centre into the research activity through the work of the PhD’s.


Publications – preferably journal articles and peer-reviewed conference proceedings in open access channels – are the essence of the dissemination of the results of any PhD candidate. Klima 2050's main ambition is to involve partners into the process towards publications that are scientifically outstanding and proven relevant to the needs of our industrial and public partners. Through the use of writing labs, we hope to assemble creative clusters to support the candidates and engage the partners. Our general ambition is to include at least one resource from the group of industry or public partners into the research team surrounding a PhD candidate and/or master student.


Regardless of where the candidates are in their education, we find it very useful to meet and share experiences. Klima 2050 will arrange two annual PhD gatherings where also supervisors and Post docs are invited. The gatherings helps all to see the bigger picture of their work, and are essential for realizing the potential for added value that lies within Klima 2050.
Photos from the first gathering in October 2016 below. Photographer: Tore Kvande