Mehdi Ahmadi leader of European water sector group

European Water Platform or WssTP ( ) contributes to the development and implementation of key policy on the water sector in the EU, by providing significant input on how to face major water challenges and reach the core objectives of the European water sector. WssTP Working Groups are key to the functioning, objectives, and implementation of the WssTP strategy.

They facilitate amongst other:

  • Collaboration and coordination on water-related challenges dealing with RTD&I,
  • Improvement of global market opportunities for the European water-related technology, service, and knowledge providers, and
  • Promotion of consortium opportunities

One of these Working groups (WG) is the one related to Green Infrastructures. The main objective of this WG is to promote the development of innovative and effective green infrastructure solutions based on scientific evidence for local, regional, river basin and coastal environments. The sub-objectives are:

  • To exchange information between scientists, practitioners, policy makers, SMEs and NGO’s on using or implementing natural and man-made green infrastructure systems to meet Water Framework and Flood Directive (Blueprint) and Natura 2000 (Biodiversity), challenges.
  • To discuss the different classes and variations of green infrastructures and their effects on water quantity and quality and on human health and ecology
  • To develop a research and innovation agenda and to provide input in national and European research and innovation programmes (including JPI-water, Horizon2020).
  • To facilitate joint research and innovation activities through linking national projects and collaborating in international consortia.


SINTEF and Klima 2050 researcher Mehdi Ahmadi, was recently assigned as the Green Infrastructure Working group leader. Amongst others, this will allow us to promote Klima2050 activities on the European level and to strengthen our collaboration with potential EU partners. In addition, this will promote Norwegian point of view within WssTP and consequently within other member states.