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The aim of the pilot project

The pilot project covers rebuilding the roofs of R5 to blue-green and blue-gray roofs. The Government Quarter R5 is an office building from 1996, across the street from the main building of the Government Quarter in central Oslo.

The pilot project intends to demonstrate:

  • How to achieve moisture-robust rebuilding to blue-green roofs

  • The added values of the rebuilding for the users of the building such as recreation, experience, aesthetics, biological diversity and learning.

  • How the rebuilding can be used in communication work for climate adaptation of existing buildings

Added value will be mapped by interview survey before and after rebuilding.


Under construction

Innovation potential

R5 has some problems with water leakages from the roof and with the indoor climate on the upper floors. Therefore, it is time to replace the roofing. The situation is similar for many of Statsbygg’s existing roofs, which is why their internal «Ja tak» project has been launched. «Ja tak» aims to repair and improve the many roofs of Statsbygg, where roof gardens, blue-green roofs and other uses of the roofs are relevant. Hence, it is desirable to install a blue-green roof on R5. This can be used for knowledge building (experiences) and as inspiration for other (blue) green roof projects in the future.

Blue-green roofs are a type of green roofs that is built specifically for the purpose of handling stormwater. This implies a greater capacity for water storage than is needed for plant survival. Like other green roofs, they can be used to create aesthetic greenery on the roof, although they cannot fully replace undeveloped nature.