Learn landslide risk in Salerno


In September I attended the 2-week 2018 LARAM (Landslide Risk Assessment and Mitigation) summer school at the University of Salerno. As we discovered during the course, Salerno is a coastal area in south-west Italy which is prone to landslides due to the soft volcanic sediments deposited on the mountain slopes during eruptions of Mt Vesuvius. The lecturers come to Salerno from around the world to give presentations on specific topics. Suzanne Lacasse and Farrokh Nadim both came from NGI in Oslo to give their very interesting talks to the 40 students.  

The LARAM school has been organized for 14 years and it has been very fun to meet several LARAM alumni at workshops I have attended since then. The best parts for me were to hear presentations which were relevant to my PhD and also meet other PhD students who are working on similar problems around the world. I would definitely recommend that other PhD students studying landslides attend this course, as it gives access to a great international network of people working on landslides.

Med vennlig hilsen 

Erin Lindsay

PhD Candidate Klima 2050, NTNU

Early warning systems for rainfall induced landslides

Erin and fellow students i Salerno