Installation of instruments on landslide prone slope affecting railway stretch in Hagamælen

On 3rd and 4th May 2017, a multi-institutional team from NGI, NTNU, Bane NOR, University of Oslo and University of Salerno carried out the installation of monitoring instruments in Hagamælen, Sør Trøndelag. At the same time they took extraction of soil samples from a landslide prone area affecting a railway stretch. The instruments consisted in soil moisture sensors that transmit real time measurements by GSM network to a central server.

Two different areas are being monitored. One with mitigation measures and another without them. The purpose of this Klima 2050 activity is to attempt establishing correlations between meteorological and in-situ ground variables with changes in slope safety conditions. The persons who participated in the fieldwork were: Yme Kvistedal (NGI), Tewodros Bile (NTNU), Geir Vatne (Bane NOR), Mattis Falck (UiO) and Gaetano Pecoraro (NGI/University of Salerno).