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The ZEB laboratory is the new zero emission building laboratory NTNU and SINTEF have under construction at Gløshaugen. The building will be a living laboratory, an office and an education building in full operation where we simultaneously try out and develop new solutions. It will be a tool for creating the world's most climate-friendly buildings.

The building will be a key research object and tool for both the Research Centre Zero Emission Neighbourhoods in Smart Cities (ZEN) and SFI Klima 2050. It will enable us to study the interaction between user and technology, and will consist of office space, classrooms, flexible technical rooms and laboratory.

We also want the building to demonstrate climate adaptation. This means focusing on moisture-proof building and innovative solutions for stormwater management. The pilot project will demonstrate and document building integration of solar cells (BIPV) in roofs and facades and establish research infrastructure for stormwater management.



Innovation potential

The innovation potential of the pilot project is

  • stormwater management with infiltration in combination with detention under real operating and maintenance conditions

  • use of surface water as utility water

  • building-integrated solar cells (BIPV) in roofs and facades with associated construction engineering details

  • roof drain for roofs with solar cells used as roofing

  • compact sloping wooden roofs with long roof lengths and the use of smart vapor barrier


Extreme rain testing of rain gutter for BIPV roof

480 mm opening:

240 mm opening:

120 mm opening:

240 mm opening with grating cover: