Post.doc project: Decision processes for climate adaption

The two-year post.doc project of Åshild Lappegard Hauge is a part of the social science Work Package 4, and the WP4 pre-study serving as a foundation for further case studies in Klima 2050. The aim of the post.doc project is to develop knowledge in a societal context for decision processes within climate adaptation of buildings and infrastructure. The pre-study is fundamental for the choice of focus areas in the following case study of Norwegian municipalities. The pre-study may also be a basis for suggestions for changes in societal/ institutional framework (regulations, insurance schemes, and control). A national and international state of the art will be a part of the pre-study, emphasising on an environmental psychology framework for decision processes.

Åshild Lappegard Hauge

Åshild Lappegard Hauge

The objective of Åshild Hauge post.doc project:

  1. A national and international state of the art on research within decision processes for climate adaptation. An output will be to point out areas important for further research.
  2. On basis of qualitative interviews with key informants and experts, describe paramount challenges for knowledge development, responsibilities and drivers for climate adaptation;
    1. Describe how existing societal framework with regulations, insurance schemes, and responsibilities influence on decision processes for climate adaptation;
    2. Describe how existing web pages, guidelines, learning, and competence levels influence on decision processes for climate adaptation.
  3. Initiate a qualitative case study in a chosen municipality based on the findings in the pre-study. Study barriers and drivers for climate adaptation of the built environment and infrastructure. The case study will be developed, and the municipality chosen, in close cooperation with the partners and work package leaders in Klima 2050.

Post.doc Åshild Hauge is the leader of work package 4 in Klima 2050, supervised by Berit Time, Chief Scientist and Centre Director of Klima 2050 (SINTEF) and Tore Kvande, Professor and Principle Investigator of Klima 2050 (NTNU).