PhD project: Climate adaptation of pitched wooden roofs


The motivation of the PhD study is a growing interest in large wooden roof in general, an increased diversity in roof types and design complexity, and a lacking knowledge about ventilation of long length and low-sloped wooden roofs and roofs with integrated PVs or solar collectors. Preparation of new guidelines for such roofs will require extended knowledge of ventilation and drying out the roof covering both knowledge about the structural design and the effect of local climate exposure.

Lars Gullbrekken

Lars Gullbrekken

The objectives of Lars Gullbrekken PhD project is to:

  • develop and increase the knowledge about venting and drying up of large wooden roofs.
  • develop and verify models for vented roofs with use of commercial and simplified calculations.
  • develop more optimal guidelines for venting of the future wooden roofs.

The study is focusing on ventilation of highly insulated wooden roofs exposed to various Nordic climates limited to;

  1. the effect of roof design, roof angel, sizes of the furring strip, insulation thickness and local exterior climate of ventilation performance of wooden roofs.
  2. the risk of snow melt on low sloped high insulated wood roofs with reduced wind driven venting.

The supervisor team is Prof. Tore Kvande (NTNU), Prof. Stig Geving (NTNU) and Chief Scientist Berit Time (SINTEF).