Moisture-resilient upgrading to blue-green roofs

Increasing rainfall will in the future result in a higher risk of flooding. The reduction in absorptive area in the cities will cause a higher pressure on the existing sewer system. Establishing of bluegreen and bluegrey roofs are expected to have a positive effect to these challenges. Klima 2050 has developed a guidance of how to rebuild an existing roof to a bluegreen or bluegrey roof including necessary measures to be taken at different stages in the rebuilding process. 

Read the guidance here (in Norwegian).

Scientific basis

  • Skjeldrum, P.M & Kvande, T: Moisture-resilent upgrading to blue-green roofs. 11th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics. Energy Procedia 2017, Vol. 132, p. 417-422;, ISSN 1876-6102 (Available online 17 October 2017)