Stormwater knowledge portal

Climate change and increased precipitation is causing problems in urban areas. The challenge is that our cities are becoming more compact, there are often few free surfaces left. One of the solutions may be roof surfaces. On Klima 2050's test site at Høvringen we are investigating bluegreen and bluegrey solutions. Multiblokk, one of the companies in the Skjæveland Group, manufactures, among other things, permeable stone coatings. Leca Norway produces lightweight clay aggregate (Leca). These two Klima 2050 partners have collaborated on developing blue grey roofs based on a Leca system, which is covered by a permeable stone coating and / or green growth. The rainwater flows through the top layer and is retained primarily in the Leca, before it is slowly released into the drainage system. Multiblokk has developed a very lightweight prototype for a permeable stone used for blue grey roof spaces. The Klima 2050 industry group has established the venture and the innovation project together with a third partner.

Klima 2050 has launched a second version of the website - a national meeting place for knowledge about stormwater. The website is a Klima 2050 pilot project and a web-based knowledge portal for floodwater management. The website consists of a stormwater-wiki, a toolbox, a section presenting various projects, and a presentation of a number of actors from the field of floodwater management. A national web portal presenting the state-of-the-art in the field of floodwater management, documented and proven solutions for water treatment in a Norwegian climate and relevant projects is sought after by the market. The web portal is intended for different user groups, ranging from private individuals to professionals working in municipalities; city planners, advisors, builders, contractors, technology providers and politicians, and will function as a roadmap for the best possible sustainable surface water management. There is great interest in the development of the web portal among both Klima 2050’s partners and other collaborators.

Projects included in the knowledge portal