PhD-project: Learning and unlearning in a changing climate

Climate change and the adaptation to climate change will have a deep impact on society, its institutions and organizations, and severely felt on the built sector of Norway. Institutions and organizations that face such a transformational change to their external environment need to adapt to the new environment. 

A barrier to rapid adoption might be the old routines and learnings (logics) that accumulate in an organization, adding new layers of understanding over time. Now, this is natural and perfectly logic in relative stable conditions, where change is incremental. However, when facing a transformational change like climate change, accumulated learnings can be a hindrance to successful adaptation. 

Ola Eggen Torseth

Ola Eggen Torseth

Understanding these processes will be central to PhD Candidate Ola Thorseth’s project, as it will focus on how old logics might be unlearned or reconstructed in built sector and how organizations and institutions can create capabilities to foster more rapid change and better decision making processes, in this new environment. 

The supervisor team is Prof. Ragnhild Kvålshaugen (BI) and Assoc. Prof. Lena Bygballe (BI).