PhD candidates

Bilde Lars Gullbrekken_gray.jpg

Lars Gullbrekken
PhD project: Climate adaptation of pitched wooden roofs
Read more about the project here

Birgitte Gisvold Johannessen
PhD project: Green roofs for reduction of stormwater runoff in cold climate
Read more about the project here

Manuel Franco Torres
PhD project: Consulting companies as a promoter of Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) uptake by water utilities. Read more here.

Bilde Aynalem Tasachew.png.jpg

Aynalem Tassachew
PhD project: Flood risk management on small catchments due to extreme storm events under future climate and land use changes. Read more here.

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Vladimir Hamouz
PhD project: Blue-green solutions for stormwater management in urban environments in cold climate. Read more about the project here.

Bilde Bridget Thodesen.jpg

Bridget O'Brien Thodesen
PhD project: Blue-green roof solutions in cold climates
Maternity leave 2015-2017


Kaj Pettersson
PhD project: Potentials of using existing roofs for mitigation of storm water flooding risks in urban areas. Cooperating project at Chalmers University of Technology. Read more about the project here.

Petter Fornes
PhD project: Landslides triggered by hydro-meteorological processes
Read more about the project here

Silje Asphaug
PhD-project: Moisture performance of ground constructions
Read more about the project here

Erlend Andenæs
PhD-project: Risk assessment of blue-green/grey roofing solutions

Bilde Erin Lindsay.jpg

Erin Lindsay
PhD-project: Landslide Early Warning System